Welcome to the Southern Photographic Society

Competition Rules

1.    Competitions are open to all PAID-UP members of the society. (25-00 membership payable at start of winter season to The Treasurer - reduced fees apply to Junior Members).

2.    All photographs must be the entrants own work, including any digital or darkroom manipulation. Prints maybe trade or home processed/printed, from digital or film. All parts of a digital montage must be taken by the entrant.

3.    Monthly Competitions – Competitions will be divided two sections for digital and print entries. Each section being an individual competition (with it's own individual annual trophy). A maximum of three entries in each section (three prints and three digital). (Except were stated). The same image may not be entered in more than one section in the same monthly competition but may be entered in other monthly competitions provided the image has not scored in the top 3 positions as print or digital. The image may be used again if manipulated in such a way as to create an image that is acceptably different from its original e.g. not just turned to black & white.

The top 3 images in each competition (or more if scores are tied) cannot be re-entered into another competition except the image of the year competition.

3a.   Prints - Print titles and entrants club number to be written on reverse, (use a quick drying felt-tip type pen, that way it wont damage the print and the ink wont mark any other entries) orientation notes may be added if not obvious e.g. "this way up". Prints can be any size up to a maximum of 40cm x 50cm, Prints may be mounted or un-mounted up to A4, and prints larger than A4 should be mounted to aid their display.

       Entries to be delivered to Sue Cleggs house (or nominated alternative location) on the Sunday ten days prior to the competition.

3b.  Digital - Digital images must be filed using the following format:-

       entry no title club number e.g. 1 flower 123, 2 landscape 123, 3 green duck 123 (assumes that the entrant has been allocated a club number of 123)

       Images should be in .jpg format and resized to 1600 pixels wide x 1200 pixels high. If your image does not fit these dimensions (eg. It is a square format) then any blank space around the image should be filled with a black border.

       Entries to be e-mailed to the "Digital comp co-ordinator" before 6pm on the Sunday ten days prior to the competition. Please make the effort to resize and rename your entries correctly as this saves the competition secretary a lot of time and effort

       Email address for entries photographic_society@manx.net

3c.  Digital Art - This competition is for members who may wish to produce more "arty" images. This is a separate competition with its own prize. Images should be named and sized as per normal entries and sent to the normal e-mail address.

4.    All entries will be allocated a mark out of 20 by the competition judge; points are totaled up at the end of the season to determine the winners of the various trophies.

5.    The Mike Goldie Competition - The rules for the 2010 competition were amended by Mike Goldie, this meant that the winner of the 2010 and any subsequent competitions will choose the theme and judge the following years competition. This is a digital only competition. bring entries on the night on CD, DVD or USB drive. Enter as many photographs as you like!. This is a "FUN" competition and winning entries may be used again in other competitions. The winner of this competition wins the Mike Goldie Trophy.

6.    Print and Digital Photograph of the Year Competitions - open to photographs taken after January 1st of the year the season starts. Five entries per section, these are OPEN competitions and may include photographs that have gained positions in previous competitions. The same image should not be entered in more than one section. Original digital images must be submitted to allow the date of capture to be verified. Failure to submit an original image will result in exclusion of the image entry from the competition. 

Click here to download an Adobe PDF version of the Competition Rules.

Click here to download an Adobe PDF guide to resizing photographs prior to submitting your entry.