All members are encouraged to enter the competitions, whatever their level of experience. New members may find the idea daunting but competitions are an excellent way to improve your image making.

Constructive feedback from experienced visiting judges is often very useful and it can boost your learning process to see your work on display and being discussed. 

Competitions are also a good incentive to keep working on your style, technique and new ideas but if you decide not to take part that’s fine; you can learn a lot just by looking at other members’ images and hearing the judge’s comments.

The current schedule comprises eight regular competitions during the season – four with a set subject and four ‘open’ competitions with no set theme – and scores from those are totalled at the end of the season.

Each of those eight regular competitions has a Print and a DPI (Digital Projected Image) section and you may enter up to three images in each.

2020 Trophy Winners at the presentation evening
Trophy winners at the 2020 presentation evening: Brian Green, Jason Quayle, Andrea Thrussell, John Keelan, Georgina Shaw, Lesley Cullen and Lynn Ryan.

There are also two standalone competitions during the season – ‘The Mike Goldie Trophy’ and ‘Digital Art’ – which have their own trophies.

The season’s finale is the ‘Image of the Year’ competition when members may re-submit a maximum of three digital and three print entries that were previously entered into that season’s competitions.

The set themes for 2021-22 (in order) are:
Our Historic Isle

The theme for the 2021 Mike Goldie Trophy, as selected by 2020 winner Andrea Thrussell, is ‘Hands’. (Bring up to three images on a USB to the first meeting in September 2021)

For those who like to be prepared, the themes for 2022-23 are:
Long Exposure
Numbers / Letters

Competition Rules