2017 / 2018 Competition Gallery

Digital competition entries from the 2017 / 2018 season (hosted on Google Photos).

The DOI Space Programme

2017 Mike Goldie Trophy: “Make Me Laugh”

Candlelight by Michael Cain

October 2017 Open Competition

Rocky Horrors by Gwen Tuck

November 2017 “Texture” Competition

Albert Dock by Dave Salter

November 2017 “Maritime/Marine” Competition

Puzzled by Dave Salter

January 2018 Open Competition

January 2018 “Jobs” Competition

February 2018 “Letter B” Competition

2018 Digital Art Competition

Deep in the Forest by Seamus Whelan

April 2018 Open Competition

April 2018 “Fashion” Competition

2018 Digital Image of the Year