2019 / 2020 Competition Gallery

Digital competition entries from the 2019 / 2020 season. Each link below leads to an album of the digital entries for that competition, with the 1st, 2nd and 3rd placed images in order at the top.
(Images are hosted on Google Photos and open in a new window).

Wind Blown in Santon by Brian Green

2019 Mike Goldie Competition: “Trees”

Liverpool Skyline by Dave Salter

October 2019 Open Competition

A Polished Performance by Andrea Thrussell

October 2019 “Vintage” Competition

Golden Flow by Sue Clegg

November 2019 Open Competition

Fork Shadows by Sue Clegg

January 2020 “Shadows & Silhouettes” Competition

February 2020 Open Competition

March 2020 “Song/Book/Film Title” Competition

Digital Art 2020 winner Sea Horses by Jason Quayle

April 2020 (lockdown) “Digital Art” competition

thumbnail Dandelion Drops by Georgina Shaw

May 2020 (lockdown) Open Competition

50 Metres in 10 Seconds by Jim GibsonFrog by Simon Jennings

June 2020 (lockdown) Close Up Competition

2019-2020 Final Scores, Results and Trophy Winners