Results: Shadows & Silhouettes

Reach for the Sky by Andrea Thrussell
Print winner: Reach for the Sky by Andrea Thrussell

On Wednesday 8th January, Dennis Wood judged our “Shadows & Silhouettes” competition. 

Dennis is a long-term member and former Chairman of the Western Photographic Society and his experience showed as he assessed 29 prints and 40 digital images, offering in-depth critique and advice throughout. 

A wide range of subjects and styles were on show – covering everything from still life to landscapes, seascapes, architecture and people – with scores ranging from 14 to the maximum 20 for three images.

The results were as follows:

Print section:
1st: Reach for the Sky by Andrea Thrussell – 20 points
2nd: Silhouettes, Shadows & Lines by John Keelan – 19 points
3rd: Sunset Silhouette by Lesley Cullen – 19 points

Print Runner-up: Silhouettes, Shadows and Lines by John Keelan
Print 3rd: Sunset Silhouette by Lesley Cullen

Digital section:
1st: Fork Shadows by Sue Clegg – 20 points
2nd: Serenity by Jim Gibson – 20  points
3rd: In The Shadows by Andrea Thrussell – 19 points

Digital winner:  Fork Shadows by Sue Clegg

Chair Andrea Thrussell gave the vote of thanks to Dennis and congratulated everyone on their ideas and imagination for this theme.

The next meeting on Wednesday 22nd January is a club night with a presentation about sports and action photography. Four members will be sharing their images and advice for capturing sports and action images, including team sports, water sports and motorsport. Guests are very welcome and we start at 7.45pm.

Digital Runner-up: Serenity by Jim Gibson
Digital 3rd: In The Shadows by Andrea Thrussell

Upcoming Events

Happy New Year everyone!

Our first meeting of 2020 is tomorrow, Wednesday, 8th January, when we will see the entries and results for the “Shadows and Silhouettes” competition.  The judge is Dennis Wood, and if he is anything like his Western Photographic Society colleague Eddie Fryer we are in for an interesting evening of expert critique. As ever, guests are welcome and we start at 7.45pm.

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Results – November ‘Open’ Competition

Hive of Industry by Dave Salter
Winning print: Hive of Industry by Dave Salter

On Wednesday 27th November, the final competition of 2019 was judged by Eddie Fryer of the Western Photographic Society.  As a Life Member, past President and current Vice-President of the WPS, Eddie has a wealth of experience and his comments were knowledgeable, thorough and positive.

As usual for an Open competition we enjoyed a wide range of styles and subjects in the 72 images; from landscapes and seascapes to wildlife, action and close-ups.

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3-Way Battle Results

2019 3-Way individual winner 'Osprey With Fish' by Jeremy Broome-Smith of the IOM Photographic Society
2019 individual winning image ‘Osprey With Fish’ by Jeremy Broome-Smith of the IOM Photographic Society

On Friday evening we hosted the annual Inter-Club Digital Competition (“3-Way Battle”), which attracted almost 70 members and guests of the Southern, Isle of Man and Western Photographic Societies to our venue at Colby Football Club.

Each club enters 30 digital images, with no more than five by any individual, and we were treated to a great selection of images of all styles and genres, which were expertly and concisely summarised by judge Mike Radcliffe. 

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Flash Demonstration & Tutorial

Our next club night is this Wednesday, 13th November, when well-known local commercial, portrait and wedding photographer Andrew Barton will be explaining and demonstrating the use of flash with the help of volunteer model Imy.

Although this is mainly a instructional evening aimed at beginners and intermediate users, and not a workshop, depending on numbers there may be time so bring your camera and a flashgun if you have one.

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Results – ‘Vintage’ Competition

Vintage Racing Car by John Keelan
Winning Print: Vintage Racing Car by John Keelan

On Wednesday 30th October, local and international photographer and judge David Silvester assessed our entries for the ‘Vintage’ themed competition. 

He began by saying “I’m going to tell you what you need to hear rather than what you want to hear” and proceeded to give his usual thorough critique of each image.

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‘Magic of Africa’ and Graham Harvey

Graham Harvey's 'Magic of Africa' presentation at the Southern Photographic Society - photo by Jim Gibson
Graham Harvey during his ‘Magic Of Africa’ presentation – photo by Jim Gibson

On Wednesday 16th October we welcomed Graham Harvey who kindly shared some photographs and tales from his annual trips to volunteer at the Kariega Game Reserve in South Africa.

Graham modestly undersold his skills as a photographer, although the evidence on the screen said otherwise. Indeed many of the wildlife images would not look out of place in an exhibition or top competition and you can see a few examples on this page.

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Results – Open Competition

Winning Print: Dockland Dusk by Dave Salter

The first competition of the season was judged on Wednesday 2nd October and it was an interesting evening with more than a few laughs along the way.  Patricia Tutt gave a thorough and expert appraisal of each image and offered generous and detailed advice where she could.  

Before she started, Patricia explained that she always tries to understand why a particular image was taken and why the photographer arrived at the final composition, exposure and processing.  She also praised the quality of many of the images and said it was a challenge to decide on the final placings.

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Tabletop Techniques

Oil on Water

Our Club Night on Wednesday 18th September was a great success, starting with the view of a wonderful red sunset as we arrived! 

Georgina Shaw set up the tables with a selection of props and arrangements to try various techniques including close focus, depth of field, reflections, the effect of lighting, out of focus points of light (bokeh) and a variety of subjects ranging from frozen flowers and oil on water to Russian dolls.  

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