Sports Photography Presentation

Football by Brian Goldie

We have a wide range of skill levels, experience and interests within our membership, and on Wednesday 22nd January we were treated to a presentation by two members with a particular interest in photographing sports.

John Keelan and Brian Goldie shared some of their images and offered advice on capturing sharp and dramatic split-seconds in rugby and football.  They also showed the equipment they use, explained the settings they prefer and the way they process and present their images.

John explained that he captures his images in RAW and uses two camera bodies to allow him to have two different lenses available, while Brian saves straight to JPG and uses just one camera these days. They both spoke about the challenges posed by weather, light and the backgrounds at sports venues, and answered a wide variety of questions from members.

We started the evening by noting the recent death of our late President and founder member Mike Goldie and recognised his work with a small selection of his digital images. During the break, members viewed some digital scans of Mike’s slides from SPS outings and events from 20-30 years ago and enjoyed seeing the old cars, venues – and indeed some current members – over tea and coffee. 

Unfortunately there was insufficient time to do justice to Dave Salter’s presentation on water sports but he has been asked if he will present it at a later evening. Jim Gibson missed the evening but we also hope to see his motorsport images at a later date. 

We are grateful to all four for offering to present and plan the evening, and to John and Brian for sharing their work and answering our questions.  A few examples of their images can be seen on this page.

It is always a great pleasure to see other member’s images so if anyone would like to share images on their favourite topic, or would welcome an evening where several of us share a few of our favourite images and talk briefly about them, then please let us know.  

Mike Goldie Trophy:
Each season the winner of the Mike Goldie Trophy picks the following year’s theme and judges the entries at the first meeting of the new season.  Brian Green won the 2019 competition and, in recognition of Mike, he has set ‘Flowers’ as the theme for this summer’s competition.

Flying goalkeeper by Brian Goldie
Rugby by John Keelan
Football by Brian Goldie
Rugby by John Keelan
Smiling referee by Brian Goldie