Battle Success!

“Take Off” by Dorothy Flint (Western) – 20 points and judge’s overall winner

On Wednesday the Southern Photographic Society hosted the Western Photographic Society in the annual ‘Battle’ and enjoyed a narrow victory.

Both clubs entered 30 digital images with no more than five by any one member, and two-times IOMPS President Tony Curtis expertly assessed and scored the entries.  Like Sue Blythe last month, he missed an evening at his own club to judge for us and his efforts were warmly appreciated by those present.

There was a good turn-out from both clubs and in her welcome SPS Chair Andrea Thrussell mentioned the assistance we have received from the Western this season.  That they have provided us with three excellent judges and Patricia Tutt is returning to give a presentation in April underlines that our rivalry is a friendly one.

The images were presented in alphabetical order, which kept everyone guessing the result until the very last image was scored, giving final scores of 496 points for the Western and 497 for the Southern.

Four images received the maximum 20 points and they were shown again before Tony selected “Take Off” as his overall favourite, which was a striking image of a pelican by the Western’s Dorothy Flint (top of page).

The other maximum scoring images were:
“In the Shadows” by Andrea Thrussell (SPS)
“Steamy” by Gwen Tuck (SPS)
“Sulby Valley Tree” by Dorothy Flint (WPS)

Further notable scores by our members were 19 points for “In The Spotlight” by Sue Clegg, “Matched Pair” by Andrea Thrussell and “Steps and Arches” by Anna Mayall, and 18 points for “Flying Dunlop” by Jim Gibson, “Harrods by Night” and “Lynx” by Georgina Shaw, “Kelpies” by Jason Quayle and “Polished Performance” by Andrea Thrussell.

A big thank you to everyone for supporting the evening, helping to set up and tidy away afterwards, and especially to Sue for baking the cakes as well as managing the entries and keeping the result secret until the very end!

The nine images scoring 20 and 19 points can be seen at the top of the page and below.

“In The Shadows” by Andrea Thrussell (Southern) – 20 points
“Steamy” by Gwen Tuck (Southern) – 20 points
“Sulby Valley Tree” by Dorothy Flint (Western) – 20 points
“Engine Blow Up” by Jim Lace (Western) – 19 points
“In The Spotlight” by Sue Clegg (Southern) – 19 points
“Matched Pair” by Andrea Thrussell (Southern) – 19 points
“Raj” by Dennis Wood (Western) – 19 points
“Steps and Arches” by Anna Mayall (Southern) – 19 points

Full list of entries and scores:

The deadline for our next competition is this Sunday, 23rd February, and the theme is “Song/Book/Film Title”.