End of Season Update

We hope everyone is well and enjoying the relative normality that we are currently fortunate to have on the island.  The committee has had a short break to catch our breath at the end of a long eventful season but we will be meeting soon to discuss the next steps.

Final scores for the season were posted here after the last competition and many congratulations go to Dave Salter who won Digital Division 1 and the Print Division.  With the highest overall points total, Dave is also Photographer of the Year.

Congratulations also to Jason Quayle who marks an excellent season by winning the Digital Division 2 title in addition to his Digital Art success.  

The top 3 places in each division are:

Digital 1:
Dave Salter  – 405 points
Georgina Shaw – 401
Andrea Thrussell – 400

Digital 2:
Jason Quayle – 386 points
Anna  Mayall – 373
Brian Green – 368 

Dave Salter  – 321 points
John Keelan  –  301
Andrea Thrussell – 297

Photographer of the Year:
Dave Salter – 726
Andrea Thrussell –  697
Georgina Shaw  –  691

There are several other awards, including two selected by the committee.  We have deliberated on those and they will all be awarded at the prize presentation and AGM, which we envisage being our first meeting of next season.

The draft schedule for 2020-21 will be reviewed at the upcoming committee meeting and if you have any concerns about attending meetings next season, or questions or suggestions, please drop a line to me or any of the committee so we can take them into account.

We would also like everyone’s feedback about outings and activities in the next two months.   

Due to the Covid-19 outbreak, we were forced to postpone our planned Spring outings as well as scheduled speakers at the cancelled club nights, and we will try to rearrange all of those.  If members have any ideas for locations or events that may be of interest, please do let us know.

SPS Committee

Set themes for 2020-21 (in order): 
Barriers, Food and Drink, Movement/Motion, Juxtaposition

Mike Goldie Trophy 2020 theme: Flowers

Set themes for 2021-22: 

Water, Our Historic Isle, Decay, Metal