First Summer Outing

At Ballachurry (L to R): Andy Kennaugh, Simon Jennings, Brian Green, Anna Mayall, Andrea Thrussell, Georgina Shaw, Peter Skears, Sue Clegg.

A small group of SPS members got together for the first time since early March, thanks to the Isle of Man’s current Covid-free status and no requirement for social distancing.

In brilliant sunshine on Sunday 18th July, we had a nature photo walk around Ballachurry Wetlands Reserve and enjoyed the chance to explore and chat in this peaceful setting.

Here are a few quick snaps from the afternoon.

Green bug on purple flower by Andrea Thrussell
Ladybird by Andrea Thrussell
Small flower head by Andrea Thrussell
Red bugs by Andrea Thrussell
Pea hen by Andrea Thrussell
Gorse flowers by Sue Clegg
Red bug by Sue Clegg
Pea hen by Sue Cleg