Long Exposure Results

Star Trail by Jim Gibson
Print first place: ‘Star Trail’ by Jim Gibson

Clare Payne was our judge for ‘Long Exposure’, the second set competition of the season.

She explained that she would be looking for composition and placement of the subject, technical ability, creativity and also – because this was a set theme – how well the brief had been interpreted.

As a former photography lecturer and professional photographer, and also a talented artist, Clare brought an experienced eye to proceedings and her comments were concise but filled with useful feedback and advice.

Digital winner: ‘Dawn at Douglas Lighthouse’ by Barry Hennedy

The most popular subject was flowing water – either in detail or as part of a wider scene – with fireworks a popular second choice and then a wide variety of “things” in motion, including vehicles, lights and everything from icing sugar to faces. 

The results were as follows:

Print section:
1st: ‘Star Trail’ by Jim Gibson – 19 points (above)
2nd: ‘Christmas Tractor’ by Sue Clegg – 19 points
3rd: ‘Flat Rocks Port St Mary’ by Steve Johnstone – 19 points

Christmas Tractor by Sue Clegg
Print runner-up: ‘Christmas Tractor’ by Sue Clegg
Flat Rocks Port St Mary by Steve Johnstone
Print third place: ‘Flat Rocks Port St Mary’ by Steve Johnstone

Digital section:
1st: ‘Dawn at Douglas Lighthouse’ by Barry Hennedy – 20 points (above)
2nd: ‘Light Painting’ by Georgina Shaw – 19 points
3rd: ‘Speed Shopping’ by Andrea Thrussell – 19 points

Light Painting by Georgina Shaw
Digital runner-up: ‘Light Painting’ by Georgina Shaw
Speed Shopping by Andrea Thrussell
Digital third place: ‘Speed Shopping’ by Andrea Thrussell

Congratulations to Jim and Barry, and it was great to see so many abstract and creative ideas on show.  All entries will be added to the Gallery section in a few days.

For anyone who missed last night’s meeting, Clare’s lovely Christmas cards and calendars with 100% of proceeds to Manx Wildlife Trust are available from the MWT shop in Peel: