January Open Results

The first competition of 2023 was an Open judged by John Keelan.

Stag in Pursuit of the Hind by Steve Johnstone
Print first place “Stag in Pursuit of the Hind” by Steve Johnstone

This was the second ‘open’ competition of the season and the first judging return to the club by John, former SPS member and Chairman. He gave detailed critique and advice about settings or techniques to address any flaws that he perceived, which led to an interesting and sometimes humourous evening.

Mini Mouse by Georgina Shaw
Digital winner “Mini Mouse” by Georgina Shaw

In addition to the top three places, John also awarded a generous number of ‘commends’, which are all listed below.

Print section:
1st place: ‘Stag in Pursuit of the Hind’ by Steve Johnstone – 20 points (top of page)
2nd: ‘Sligachan Bridge, Isle of Skye’ by Steve Johnstone – 19 points
3rd: ‘Little Egret Touching Down’ by Steve Johnstone – 18 points

Sligachan Bridge. Isle of Skye by Steve Johnstone
Print runner-up “Sligachan Bridge. Isle of Skye” by Steve Johnstone
Little Egret, Touching Down by Steve Johnstone
Print third place “Little Egret, Touching Down” by Steve Johnstone

Highly Commended: 
‘In the Morning Mist’ by Seamus Whelan – 17 points
‘I Love Rock and Roll’ by Jim Gibson – 17 points
‘Ballagarey Wheelie’ by Jim Gibson – 17 points

Digital Section:
1st place: ‘Mini Mouse’ by Georgina Shaw – 20 points (above)
2nd place: ‘The Bridge’ by Barry Hennedy – 19 points
3rd place: ‘I See You!’ by Georgina Shaw – 18 points

The Bridge by Barry Hennedy
Digital runner-up “The Bridge” by Barry Hennedy
I see you! by Georgina Shaw
Digital third place “I see you!” by Georgina Shaw

Very Highly Commended:
‘Goldfinch Chewing Seed’ by Steve Johnstone – 18 points
Highly Commended:
‘Rear Wheel Compression’ by Jim Gibson – 17 points
‘Red Kite on the Hunt’ by Steve Johnstone – 17 points
‘Why the Long Face?’ by Alan Taylor – 17 points
‘Where’s the Next Reed?’ by Alan Taylor – 17 points
‘Dinner Time’ by Sue Clegg – 17 points
‘Reflections of Liverpool’ by Brian Goldie – 17 points 

John added that it was difficult to separate the top three in each section, and also praised the quality and presentation of the prints.

Congratulations to everyone named above and especially to Steve for his clean sweep in the print section.  

All entries will be added to the Gallery section in the near future.